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Our core values guide us in how we conduct ourselves—personally and professionally. In this ever-changing world of agriculture, our core values are constant. They underlie our work, how we interact with each other and which strategies we employ to fulfil our mission.

We continue to develop our capacities. Even more corn, rice, fruits, beans and vegetables will be planted and harvested in the nearest future. ​​​​​​​The total number of livestock is also increasing.

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Our poultry is fed on an entirely vegetarian diet, free of hormones, additives and meat by-products. Eggs are hand-picked twice daily, to ensure that there are plenty to satisfy our many loyal customers.

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Company’s history

Jackie’s love for poultry and Mwita’s love for gardening and nature were the motivation required to start the Magnoverata farm. We started by buying a small farm in Mahina ward in 2010, where we planted corn.

We expanded the farm in Mahina to start a pilot poultry project with 1000 layers in addition to corn production.

We expanded the poultry project from 1000 to 5000 layers. During this time, we also rented 230 acres of land where we expanded the corn farming (150 acres) and began rice farming on the remaining 80 acres.

We continued to expand our poultry farm in Mahina Ward to 9000 layers and introduced battery cages. Besides, we started the distribution of animal feeds and agricultural inputs. During this time, we also expanded rice and corn farming to 307 acres distributed almost equally.

Together with farming, we expanded activities and introduced selling of agricultural products in the lake zone regions of Tanzania. The activities included training individual farmers and groups on crop risk management and animal feed solutions. Our offices provide advisory support to individual farmers and groups in the lake zone regions of Tanzania.

We expanded activities to include seeds, inputs, technology and technical knowledge through our zonal offices in the Lake Zone regions and beyond.

In January 2019, we acquired 12 acre farm in Muleba district, Kagera Region where we started piloting avocado farming.


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“ The Magnoverata farmers are wonderful to deal with, and the product is amazing. It’s nice to know you can get organic, non-GMO food locally. The selections each week are super fresh and delicious, I have had a wonderful experience! ”

Monica Lema,


“Magnoverata has exceeded my expectations with their attention to detail and outstanding quality! Great selection of fruits, vegetables, and other organic products. The staff is super friendly and very attentive.”

James Wambura

“We’ve been Magnoverata customers for a few years now! The veggies, fruit, cheese, bread, eggs, and mushrooms I receive each week through my farm are insanely delicious and very affordable. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Anna Mosha

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