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Good quality seeds may increase crop yields by 5-20%. Vigorous growth in early stages reduces weed problems and increases crop resistance to insect pests and diseases. Our seeds have good seedling vigour and more than 80% germination.

Agricultural innovation is creating new avenues for increased crop yields, better resource and capital operating efficiencies, and general farm management knowledge. Almost 20% of grain harvested is lost every year…

The growing poultry industry in our country is continuously looking for ways to stay cost-efficient by reducing production cost per chicken while preserving product quality, animal well-being, and food safety.…

We are leaders in organic fertiliser in the lake zone regions of Tanzania.  We grow natural fertilizer which provides the food needed for a plant to grow after a seed…

Fertilizers are natural or artificial substance containing chemical elements that enhance growth and plant productivity when other factors such as light, moisture, temperature and soil structure are favourable

In organic crop production, the control of pests and crop diseases is primarily based on rotation, choice of crop varieties that are stress-tolerant and other cultural and husbandry practices. We supply well-made composts that may limit pests and disease attack in an organic crop.

Grains provide essential nutrients to your animals. Feeding your animals the wrong rations will lead to having poor-quality meat, low milk/egg production or low birthing rates.

The natural uncertainties in weather, agricultural yields, market prices, government policies among others can impact farming in many ways.

We provide tailor-made advisory solutions. To promote agricultural development, Magnoverata Company Limited provides agricultural advisory services to individual

With a vision to become a one-stop-shop for all agricultural inputs, we have over two years managed to supply the best quality animal feeds and agricultural inputs.