In organic crop production, the control of pests and crop diseases is primarily based on rotation, choice of crop varieties that are stress-tolerant and other cultural and husbandry practices. We supply well-made composts that may limit pests and disease attack in an organic crop.  We also provide a range of pesticides to suit your farm like biopesticides (garlic oil and black pepper), organic pesticides (Rotenone and pyrethrin) and synthetic pesticides.

The management of weeds is vital for high yield agriculture because weeds decrease yields, increase production costs, interfere with harvest, and lower product quality. Weeds also impede irrigation water flow, interfere with pesticides application and harbour disease organisms. Our company provides a detailed examination of weeds available on your farm using modern technology and provides weeds solution tailored to your need.

Our company provides integrated pest and weed management solutions through our zonal offices in Tanzania. We as a company strive to ensure that well-researched solutions are available to millions of farmers in the country.
The company provides several strategies for managing pests and weeds tailored to pests and weeds in your farm. Our solutions include a range of pesticides and herbicides registered in Tanzania. Famers can receive advice from our experts whenever they deem necessary. They can even upload pictures of their crops with pests captured with mobile phone cameras and our experts will be available to provide solutions.

As a company, we evaluate crop pesticides before sharing our experience with millions of our clients. Your feedback loops help us to improve our services for a better farming experience in Tanzania.

Together, let us secure our future.