The growing poultry industry in our country is continuously looking for ways to stay cost-efficient by reducing production cost per chicken while preserving product quality, animal well-being, and food safety. This is driving our company to think outside the box to create innovative solutions.

For poultry farms to achieve maximum yield, there are certain machinery and equipment that are necessary. Our company imports and supplies feeding equipment for poultry birds, heaters/brooders to keep the birds warm during the cold season, incubator, cages and coops, dressing machines, water poultry equipment, hatchers, vaccination equipment and others.

Our company is the leading provider of high-quality chicken processing machinery with less than 3 months lead time. Together with the poultry farmers, we create sustainable solutions for the poultry farms, operating farms with excellent performance. We support farmers to optimizing their processes, scaling to higher levels of productivity and creating maximum added value. We offer state-of-the-art, groundbreaking solutions–not just the machines, but the whole package: systems, software, and service.

By opening zonal offices, our reach is increasing and poultry solutions localised. We reach out to poultry farms in remote areas and provide tailor-made solutions packaged to suit your preference.

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